Get a Tarot Reading

Get a Tarot Reading

Hello 🙂

I’m very happy you’re on this page because if you are, it means the Universe has a message for you and is looking for ways to reach you. Perhaps this will be it.

If you’re saying “YES! GIVE ME MY TAROT READING!” – you can scroll down to the details below 🙂 Otherwise, please allow me to share a few more words.

As you may have already known passing through this site, I am a yoga teacher, a life coach, and a writer. I’m very glad to add now to this list: tarot reader.

Like you, I am constantly seeking for guidance beyond what I can see and understand and this is what’s lead me here – from receiving readings, reading for friends and family, getting training and finally, reading for you.

Whether you’re already at a full-on YES! or if you’re still at that level of not being sure whether this will be worth it or not, let me share a few things about getting a tarot reading 🙂

  1. Tarot cards are just cards. Just like any other cards they’re made out of a hard paper and they have images printed on them. However, what gives them power and meaning is us. As your reader I will be channeling guidance from the Universe and seeking insight from your angels, asking for what messages you need to hear that will be for your highest and best. Doing this, I’ll be channeling intuition and Reiki energy, infusing it with an extra boost of the god energy that is already all around us and all around you. Likewise, the makers of these cards in their own way have also channeled spiritual energy and as you wait for your reading, so can you.
  2. Tarot doesn’t really tell our futures. This is because the future is always changing 🙂 And isn’t that a great thing? One action, one thought, one word that happens now can change what will happen a year from now. And since we know the future is always changing, why don’t we use this to our advantage? Instead of asking the tarot to tell our future, ask the tarot how you can transform your future. We all have goals, dreams, hopes, states of being we want to reach. Guidance from a tarot reading can show us what we can do now to get all those things and more. Think of it as a different kind of self-help list – a more magical one 🙂
  3. Tarot is a way for our divine self to get in touch with us. You have a Divine self. You (are hopefully) starting to know it, I know it, we all know it. Through the tarot, our Divine selves are seeking to make contact. You can also call this, the greater consciousness, universal wisdom. I like to call it LOVE. When we talk with the tarot, we receive messages of love that are for our highest and for our best. And that’s one of the things that makes me so grateful for this art.

That being said, if you’re up for it 🙂 I’d be very happy to read your cards for you.

Tarot readings by Dindin Reyes

3-part readings for $20

(Example: Current situation, What to avoid, What to focus on)

(Example: What will help, What will hinder, What is your unrealized potential)

You’ll receive a letter from me with words and images of guidance

Please fill out the form below and let’s get started!

If you’re interested in getting a full spread-reading, please indicate it when you contact me and let’s talk more.

Contact number: (516) 395 2429