Yoga studios outside Manila: Laguna, Batangas, Palawan, Baguio, Davao, Bohol, Boracay

Yoga is as wide spread as our archipelago of a country is. It’s absolutely everywhere so wherever you find yourself, there’s always going to be a place for you to practice.

Here are a few studios I found that offer a yoga sanctuary outside of the the Philippines’ capital, Manila. I’m hoping to be able to visit and explore all of these places in the future to meet more Filipino yogis and, if I’m lucky, share my practice as well. If you know any more, just let me know in the comments below 🙂
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On teaching: The winding road back to White Space

I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around the fact that… it’s all happening. Despite my fears and the constant anxiety that’s been my companion this June, my life is moving forward.

The plan was to get a teaching job in a studio by the time I got back from Myanmar and when I landed late May, this whole idea was still ridiculous to me. Yes I learned a lot at Bahay Kalipay and my teaching changed enormously but still… Wah.

I suppose to an outsider looking in, once you get your teacher training the natural process is that you immediately start teaching in a studio and live happily ever after in yoga bliss. The reality is, it requires a little more hustle than that.

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Menstrual cup adventures: First times, doing yoga, and possible mishaps

Photos from Mama.Baby.Love Facebook page

Around two weeks ago I shared an article on Facebook discussing the 5 Reasons to Switch to the Menstrual Cup. I’m not sure what I was expecting but on one end I got a lot of squeamishness and on the other, interest and excitement 🙂

That a lot of people responded was great for me. It’s awesome that we can talk about this in a public platform and that a conversation about alternative, environment-friendly ways to deal with our monthly periods is actually happening.

To continue the conversation and to walk my talk, I’m going to share my recent and first experience with the menstrual cup. I hope this will give you an idea of what to expect and dispel some fears and doubts you may be having. If you’re gonna read on, be warned that this post is going to be about blood, vaginas, and the act of inserting things in your lady parts!

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Buy yoga clothes for the benefit of Pasay Pups

Times when you’re really glad you’re on Facebook — when you see other people using it as a platform to help.

Here’s something I saw on my feed today:

Ashley Ginger, a woman who by her profile works at PETA Asia-Pacific posted this photo 🙂

They’re selling donated yoga clothes to raise funds for Pasay Pups. All the new tops, bags, pants, and shorts are available for a minimum donation of P200. The proceeds from the sale on May 24th, Sunday, will go to the ligation fund.

Yoga clothes and puppy smiles like this? How can you resist? 🙂

Photo from the Pasay Pups Facebook page

Photo from the Pasay Pups Facebook page


Pasay Pups is a community volunteer organization that works in an impoverished area in Pasay to care for the many animals in the area. According to them there are around 200-300 dogs and cats in the city and they need looking after too. Pasay Pups provides basic veterinary care and services like vaccination, ligation, flea and tick prevention, and of course, love.

Aside from going to the sale, you can help them by either donating via PayPal (which you’ll see on their Facebook page), or offering any help which they need and you can offer (i.e. volunteering, funds, supplies, etc.)

Some of the animals they care for, like the lovely dog above, are also up for adoption. So if you’re looking for a pet, maybe think about welcoming one of the Pasay Pups into your home 🙂

Grab this opportunity to make your practice a life-giving one.


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Filipino-made for yogis: Jaimala, Luntian bags, Bodyfood All-Natural

A little less than a week back in Manila and the unfortunate truth is, I’m still not in love with the city. Apparently, post-travel depression is a real thing.

I’m still waiting for my mind and spirit to arrive here too and it’s really taking its sweet time. So, what do I do to fill my time in the meanwhile? Yoga of course 🙂

This weekend I went to Flow in the City, an event organized by Flow Retreats and presented by Fully Booked and Aura Athletica. For the few hours I was there I felt a little bit at home again – there’s truly something to be said about being in the company of like-minded people. You may not know hardly anyone there (which was the case with me) but, just being in a space where people share the same energy as you is such a relief. Much gratitude to the women of Flow Retreats whose next events are in Ubud, Bali and Gili Air & Lombok.

I arrived right before Denise Celdran‘s wonderful and eye-opening homeopathy workshop and saw this:

… a bunch of yogis having partner-yoga fun on the floor, led by Monica Manzano. There was quite a bit of laughing and talking and for a change, it was nice to see a yoga class that wasn’t so quiet and focused inward.

The workshops and all the glorious healthy food are for another post altogether, especially now that I’m exploring eating clean seriously. Today, I just wanna share about all the wonderful enterprises that have made products perfect for us Filipino yogis.

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On Bahay Kalipay: Be a resident volunteer

My stay here at Bahay Kalipay is slowly coming to a close and I’m not really looking forward to the day when I leave the gates and get on that plane.

The decision to come and volunteer to teach here for a month was definitely a great one and I thank myself for going through with it. Teaching here has given me so much strength and insight for my personal journey and I know there’s more to be known – one month is just way too short 🙂 But no worries, Bahay Kalipay hasn’t seen the last of me yet!

If you’re also interested in volunteering here, please do look into it. There’s absolutely no harm in considering it as a real possibility. Don’t look at it as leaving your life behind, but more as a productive, spiritual means to enrich it 🙂

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher! Below are the two programs for volunteers they have right now

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On Bahay Kalipay: The recipe for raw stuffed avocado & ‘refried beans’

Just like in any home, our Sundays here at Bahay Kalipay usually mean really good meals 🙂

Most of it is to do with the fact that on Sundays we have our raw food demos. Either our resident raw food chef Daniw Arrazola or the highly experienced kitchen staff show the guests how to make this or that dish at home. Raw food is something they want you to take away from your stay here in one way or another and if you can make at least one, that’s already a start.

This Sunday’s demo was of avocado stuffed with refried beans 🙂

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