Menstrual cup adventures: First times, doing yoga, and possible mishaps

Photos from Mama.Baby.Love Facebook page

Around two weeks ago I shared an article on Facebook discussing the 5 Reasons to Switch to the Menstrual Cup. I’m not sure what I was expecting but on one end I got a lot of squeamishness and on the other, interest and excitement 🙂

That a lot of people responded was great for me. It’s awesome that we can talk about this in a public platform and that a conversation about alternative, environment-friendly ways to deal with our monthly periods is actually happening.

To continue the conversation and to walk my talk, I’m going to share my recent and first experience with the menstrual cup. I hope this will give you an idea of what to expect and dispel some fears and doubts you may be having. If you’re gonna read on, be warned that this post is going to be about blood, vaginas, and the act of inserting things in your lady parts!

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Do Your Thing: A Better Story girls’ camp

After more than two years of mentoring women and holding workshops for the everyday Filipina, the Better Story Project is relaunching their advocacy with a will only a solid group of strong-ass women can manage. On March 28, they’re making their dream come true — which is, encouraging other women to dream too 🙂

The Do Your Own Thing Camp is a one-day event at GK’s Enchanted Farm in Bulacan where you’re going to be told over and over again, JUST DO IT. Just do it already. You know who you are, you know what makes you feel alive, you know what you have to do about it, so why the wait? If you don’t know yet, even the more reason to stop making excuses and actually sit down and think – what do I want out of this short life?

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