On Bahay Kalipay: The recipe for raw stuffed avocado & ‘refried beans’

Just like in any home, our Sundays here at Bahay Kalipay usually mean really good meals 🙂

Most of it is to do with the fact that on Sundays we have our raw food demos. Either our resident raw food chef Daniw Arrazola or the highly experienced kitchen staff show the guests how to make this or that dish at home. Raw food is something they want you to take away from your stay here in one way or another and if you can make at least one, that’s already a start.

This Sunday’s demo was of avocado stuffed with refried beans 🙂

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On Bahay Kalipay: Raw veggie lasagna recipe

Here’s a recipe for a raw, vegan lasagna in all its fresh, uncooked veggie goodness 🙂

It’s one of the treats here in Bahay Kalipay and my absolute favorite so far. The blended mushrooms and spinach give it a warm, cooked, creamy taste and the cashew ricotta has this cheesy taste to it that really justifies the “lasagna” in raw veggie lasagna. Just thinking about it now makes me wish it was lasagna day 🙂

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On Bahay Kalipay: What you can expect

Not gonna lie, adjusting to life here at Bahay Kalipay was kind of a struggle.

I’m generally a calm, relaxed person who’s always found it manageable to find ease in any situation. Otherwise I fake it ’til I make it – which is exactly what I ended up doing for the first few days. Outwardly I was calm but inside I was restless, rushing to get used to my new environment as if I was on deadline. If you’re from the city and you’re used to living life from one task to the next, you can fully count on feeling the same.

Yeah, it took me a few days but I feel like I’m settling in and finding my place 🙂 

If you’re coming, here’s what you can expect.

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