Happy Heights

Happy Heights

Hi 🙂 Welcome to the Happy Heights page.

To give you a little background, Happy Heights is an outreach program I thought of, to give underprivileged children a free day hike. A private initiative in cooperation with Trail Adventours, Happy Heights is meant to be a source of fun and confidence – mostly the outreach is meant to cater to kids from urban poor areas, the new environment could show them a different way to learn and enjoy themselves. And everyone needs a breather from the city. The hike comes with environmental and confidence modules 🙂

Thanks to the help of many people (sponsors, people who joined the climb and the pre-climb), we’ve just successfully had our third Happy Heights hike with the girls of Meritxell Orphanage.
Click here to see some pictures from our climb on the Happy Heights Facebook page 🙂
The first hike was with the MLQES Softball Team, the second was with Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Foundation Inc. I documented the process of mounting that hike – you can read about it below:


Here’s to more hikes!




  1. Hey dindin, me again from ISA, I’d like to help but I can’t climb with you guys since medyo busy na ako by then. I’ll try to come up with a sponsorship amount for one child through my friends and see how much I can come up with.

    I’ll get in touch with you once I get at least enough for one kid :).

  2. Ronnamae Marie

    Hi! I read your article abut “Happy Heights” in the blog When in Manila and my friends and I would like to help and join the climb with you. I hope to get a reply if ever you have plans for the next climb. Thank you! 🙂

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