Stories of Community & the Village
Stories of Community & the Village

Emerging from Hawai’i farm life into the sadness of COVID reality

Living in community on a farm in Hawai’i completely sheltered me from COVID fear. Now I feel slightly like an alien from another planet, an alien to be feared. Friends, we are in uncharted times which call for even greater remembering – remembering that behind our viewpoints we are all human and we are actually, all in this together.

Community VS Capitalism: Where I grew up has made generosity so hard for me

While I’m without an income stream, I find myself beginning to lose the sense of generosity I gained when I lived in community. Why is that? This is my take, based purely on my experience, as a Filipina who grew up in Manila: Unhealthy capitalism doesn’t want us to share. And individualism wants us to believe that without our own individual resources, we will die. Is that the truth? Perhaps in community it doesn’t have to be.

Best Job Title for the Coming Years? Community Creator, Steward & Cradler

Community is possible. Village life is possible. Earnest connection with each other? It’s possible. Being invited to take care of blessed land – possible. Sacredness everyday, even in our exchanges is possible. All of this beautifully together, it’s possible. And doesn’t it sound great?

I am so devoted to these beliefs that I’ve risked stability in the desire to make community my next life’s work.

Why risk the monetary security I had built for myself in the paradise of Hawai’i? Because I want to create something better, to be part of what I feel is the best way for all of us moving forward.

Here’s my vision for community. May it inspire you to dream.