Buy Natural Goodness – Human Nature, Messy Bessy

Hello 🙂

If you’re interested in buying all-natural, organic, environment-friendly products, you’ve come to the right place.

More and more I’ve been switching over to using products that are local, mostly plant-based, free of harmful chemicals, and all-around good for the planet we live in. It was a very easy choice to make because of all the good stuff fellow Filipinos have come up with – and choosing to sell some of them myself seems natural too.

I sell food, personal care products, and cleaning products from Human Nature and Messy Bbessy. Just check out their catalogs for products you’re interested in trying out, and let me know in the contact form below:

Human Nature catalog 

Messy Bessy catalog

I can do meet ups in Katipunan, Cubao, and Robinsons Magnolia and I can also ship all the goodness to you.

If there are products you’re interested in trying but you’re not really sure about, feel free to comment anyway and I’ll tell you what using it has been like for me.


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