About Me

About Me

I am Celesdina, and it’s a pleasure to meet you in this online space. Here’s a little bit about me.

As a Yoga Teacher

All the practices I do now started with the practice of yoga. Somehow, the path of teaching yoga, especially to those with special needs, found me.

As a yoga teacher, I have been teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative yoga, and meditation for a little more since 2014. I like to teach in a way that emphasizes the connection of mind and spirit to the body, in a way that is safe physically and emotionally, in a way that is empowering for any student regardless of experience.

My favorite type of work is actually teaching students with special needs. I have experience teaching those with special needs clients such as those with ALS, deafness, autism, cancer, spinal problems, elders and, dwarfism. Recently, I also completed an Adaptive Yoga Therapy training with YogaWorks in New York.

Devotions & Values

Devotion, service, and healing are the main themes of my life – and of this site. You might be wondering, well what am I devoted to?

Here are the things that I devote myself to and if these are things that are present in your life too, I hope my sharings will be of value to your life.

What Sparks a Fire in Me?

Community, working with Aina (the land), learning sacred rituals, creating & holding space for people.

These are some of the things that light a fire in my belly and keep me grounded.