Best Job Title for the Coming Years? Community Creator, Steward & Cradler
Best Job Title for the Coming Years? Community Creator, Steward & Cradler

Best Job Title for the Coming Years? Community Creator, Steward & Cradler

Community is possible. Village life is possible. Earnest connection with each other? It’s possible. Being invited to take care of blessed land – possible. Sacredness everyday, even in our exchanges is possible. All of this beautifully together, it’s possible. And doesn’t it sound great?

I am so devoted to these beliefs that it’s leading my search for my next life’s work.

Right now, I am unemployed, which inspires both fear and ecstasy. After four years of living in security in Hawai’i, a situation that is desirable to many, I am now floating on the rivers of the unknown and anything is possible.

Why risk monetary stability in paradise? Because I want to create something better, to be a part of what I feel is the best way for all of us moving forward.

As scary as this all is for me being someone who loves certainty, I am assured by the knowledge that so many of us are starting to yearn for the village again. The great pulse that is social media shows me everyday that people have the same ideas: finding a piece of land to live, work and love in. If you’re one of the people who’ve dreamed this dream – know it’s as sweet as you think it is. I know because I’ve experienced it – a wonderful time in my life which I will share another time.

Right now, I want to share what I envision community is. And I invite you, for a second, to dream of life being easier because you are cared for, and you are connected.

Dream of what is good for you because you deserve it.

A huge part of my journey to realizing I deserve to dream this dream is decolonization. I feel that capitalism and colonization has so praised the individualistic way of living, every person for himself, every family against every family, because if someone else has something either that means we can’t have it or, we have to have it to and better. But our indigenous ancestors didn’t live by these ideas at all. We lived in a village because we deserved to be taken care of by the community.

What does this mean? ↓

Photograph of my time at Kahumana Organic Farms by Meri Hoffman

The Community I Dream of is a space where…

  • all of our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met through connection with each other and the land, aina
  • we learn how to be a village through the wisdom of our elders and of indigenous people
  • the middle man called “money” is not necessary within community, and instead we can freely share our skills and receive each other’s gift
    • everyone is needed
  • we can experience being cared for & caring for each other through simple things like cooking, cleaning, child care, caring for the sick
    • not just by our immediate families but by our chosen families, we are all family
  • we all participate in the evolution of the community, all voices are heard and respected
  • we all learn from each other and freely question and challenge colonization, capitalism, racism, sexism, and all other cancers
  • we participate in ceremony and openly try each other’s sacred practices out
  • we collective agree to let the heartbroken heal because we value compassion and empathy
    • thus, we create sanctuaries in time and space where we can be alone and together
  • we can learn and study and teach each other freely, bring back TRADES and APPRENTICESHIPS
  • we recognize that our resources are to be shared, not hoarded
  • children are part of our work, not a hindrance to it
  • we live cyclically
    • there is a time for productivity, a time for rest, and everything in between
  • we learn ALL IS ONE, a place to transcend duality

All this and more is what I dream of. And this is why I believe the best job title for me in the coming years will be: Community Creator, Steward & Cradler.

I invest all my prayers, devotions, skills, and resources in this belief. And yes, it’s scary to think about doing it alone because I’m not supposed to do it alone – that’s the whole point. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s possible? Is community something you desire too?

Let’s do this together. Follow along on the journey and join it, you’re invited and you’re so needed.

Do reach out to me with your thoughts, ideas, sharings, resources, and communities you know about that already do this. This is a journey of learning and sharing.

Aho and Aloha,


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