A Letter to Anyone who’s ever hit a Plateau

You know it’s serious when the yogi who’s all about contentment and acceptance starts talking about plateaus 😉 And also, if you find yourself clicking on something that says “A Letter to Anyone who’s ever hit a Plateau.”

Most likely means, we’re ready to get off of it.

Since moving into my own place in July and doing the whole adulting thing, I can say I’ve found a happiness that is hard to compare to any other time in my life. It’s been an interesting feeling, being so surrounded by peace and joy on a regular basis (especially when it was always sunny outside), that I had to investigate into the feeling and validate that this was something humans could actually experience  😝

My investigation lead me to gurus like Ram Dass and Alan Watts – who I know listen to on such a regular basis that I feel like I’m hanging out with them often. Here’s a link to one of my favorite lectures of his, Embracing our Humanity.

That being said, with all my study and while living in such a beautiful place that constantly inspires contentment, I still feel the pull of moving forward and getting off my peaceful plateau… and that’s okay.

As human beings, our directive in this life is both to change, to experience, and to let our spirits learn and grow through pain and happiness – things that are a little hard to do when we unwilling to join the ups and downs of life. And in the end, clinging to a plateau makes the plateau just another trap – and defeats the purpose of being free. 

At least that’s what it seems like from over here, from someone who’s thoroughly been enjoying plateau-life for a while 😝

And I suppose the point of this letter is mostly that, to share this invitation I’ve been feeling for quite a while, to get up, do something, and change all over again ☺️🙏🏼

I understand that it’s a bit scary to leave a state of being that you’ve worked so hard to reach – or if it’s a non-happy plateau, a state of being that you’ve been sunk in for so long. But you’re not alone, and you can do it.

Let’s seek the balance between being content and answering the soul’s calling to create, participate, and experience.

There is SO much more we can do. And once we do get off our plateau, well we can be pretty sure that the next happy plateau we reach will be even better 🙏🏼 I’m pretty sure that’s something we can trust.

And what am I doing? Well, I’m writing this letter.

Admittedly, part of the reason I’ve been staying so long in my plateau is because, the online world/the yoga world, is so big that it’s easy to feel drowned out before you’ve even begun. Why even try when there’s already so much out there? And why, do you have anything special to say?

I’m not sure if I do, but I know that it’s necessary for me to move forward for my own well-being, and my own journey – and so I’m taking this risk to rejoin and write anyway. And as in everything, I take baby steps 😝 And my baby step is letters, one each week – to both people I know, and people I don’t know. There’s work involved, but the bigger part of the work is also to trust that with these baby steps, somehow I’m making my contribution to the world, and that it leads to my soul’s happiness and excitement. Let’s do this!

Hope you enjoyed this one 🙏



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