Sources of healing crystals in the Philippines (Part II)
Sources of healing crystals in the Philippines (Part II)

Sources of healing crystals in the Philippines (Part II)

The last time I wrote something about crystals, sooo many people responded it to it well 🙂 I guess it means a lot of us are all finding a little something-something to support us in this journey, something grounding, something we can physically hold on to. (READ: 6 Sources Of Authentic Healing Crystals In The Philippines)

Since then, I’ve actually done my best to stop looking for crystals unless I absolutely need them – as there’s a difference between healing and hoarding 😉 So I’m happily surprised to see that since the last time I got a crystal for myself, there seems to be more people making art and beauty out of healing. I’m happy they exist and I’d like to share them with you.

Before I go on, as I said before in my first post: “Definitely crystals don’t replace needed healthcare or needed therapy, especially if they don’t resonate with you remedy-wise. What they are are spiritual companions helping you along the process of life. Through their vibrations, they help us in grounding, living your truth, finding love, growing in intuition, communication, abundance, dealing with grief, managing stress, cultivating discipline, finding joy… the list goes on and on. If you wanna know more about crystals, I think Spirit Science explained it best in their four-part series 🙂 The second episode is on crystal uses.”

That being said, here we go:

Healing Crystals and Gemstones Makati 

From their Facebook page

A library is to a book-lover as Healing Crystals and Gemstones Makati is to a crystal-lover.

Just a quick peek at their photos on Facebook show they have absolutely everything you could need. Aside from the usual pendants, bracelets, tumblestones rings, and earrings they’ve got unique items like — Himalayan salt lamps, White Sage, Spheres that look like magical crystal balls, pendulums, crystal animal figurines, unique crystal clusters, crystal jars, etc etc etc 

Their crystals come from all over and some of them I’m seeing for the first time! Like this:

From their Facebook page

Not all of the crystals have descriptions though so you’ll have to check with them what they are and what they’re for. And, from what I see, all of it is very reasonably priced 😉

Price range

Can go from P100 (small stones) to P3500 (towers)

Clearquartz Crystaleric

From their Facebook page


A great store for “aficionados.” There are a lot of crystal sellers out there so it’s nice to see unique things on the menu.

At Clearquartz Crystaleric’s page I saw this super interesting was a rose quartz rosary, crystals I had never seen before like a Seer Stone or an Ema Egg Amethyst Window and a Shiva Agate that looks like a third eye, beautiful Selenite twin towers, a Selenite pencil! This one too is something I’ve only seen here:

Chakra Flower of Life

Price range

Not indicated on Facebook so you’ll have to message them

Hey Jow

From their website

So I’ve been stalking the Hey Jow Instagram page for forever now. Though they don’t advertise their jewelry as healing, all of it is beautiful enough to make you feel happy inside. And, as artists know, beautiful design can indeed be good for the soul.

If you’re a bit more fashionable than I am, these crystals will work well with you. Their designed in such a way that really makes the vibrance of the crystal shine 🙂

On their site though, they don’t always say exactly what crystal is used in the design or if all of them are true crystals. Again, for those inquiries, get in touch with them 🙂 I’m sure they’d love to speak with you.

Price range

Rings: P1650-2480

Necklaces: P1380-3000

Bracelets: P599-1650

From their website


Bijou Philippines

A seller of crystal bracelets 🙂 They include cute accents like birds, fishes, and lotus flowers.

From what I see, they’ve got one of the more accessible price ranges around.

Price range

Bracelets: Around P250-450

Obsession Without Limits

Such unique designs  ♥ ♥ 

I really had fun on their page and I must admit I have a mild bias because their designs are a bit more to my sensibility: funky,  unique, mostly raw crystals, unpolished. They also don’t advertise themselves as healing crystals but we can always program our crystals with our intentions. I’ll be sharing my own ways to cleanse and program my crystal friends soon 🙂

Again, they don’t always say which crystal is in the design so you may want to ask.

Price range



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