Filipino-made for yogis: Cuesee Creations, Simoy ng Haraya, Control Freak, a Yoga children’s book

I’m very happy to see that after not having written a blog post like this in a while, entrepreneurs and yogis continue to thrive and create 🙂

I share with you some products perfect for yogis, made by Filipinos. For Filipinos and yogis all over the world. If you know of any others or have businesses of your own, I’d love to hear about it.




Whether we admit it or not, at some point in our yoga journey we all need odor neutralizers 🙂

For our yoga mat bags, our blocks, our straps, our yoga towels, for when we do yoga twice a day and only brought one outfit. Here’s an odor neutralizer thats’s “a mixture of lily of the valley, water lotus, rosewater, star jasmine, violet petals, white musk, precious woods and sea moss scents”

If the name didn’t hint it enough, Simoy ng Haraya is proudly Filipino, made by Lala de Leon.

As I read on their site, every purchase comes with a Pinoy dose of love. “Every perfume bottle even comes with a tanaga by poet Angelo V. Suarez—the tanaga is a traditional 4-line poem in Filipino, tightly crafted in rhyme and meter”

The name might not be very “yogic” but it’s realistic and it’s Filipino – and that’s enough for me 🙂

Out of all the other options, their Zesty Spice Odor Control will be for you particularly if you like the scents of orange, lemon and cinammon.

Their name might be something we’re moving away from but their philosophy of doing things, definitelys omething we can apply on the mat: “Doing it the natural, no-nonsense way.”





I found out about Cuesee Creations by indulging in girl talk with a student after class. “I love your bag, where’d you get it?” 🙂 [SEE: Schedule of public classes]

It was cool to hear that her bag was made by a relative of hers, thus leading me to Cuesee Creations.

I find these yoga mat bags very unique thanks to their awesome prints. I love the The Cactus Pink one 🙂





Even though we don’t really know each other, I think I only met her once, I’m proud to be in a similar circle as teacher and doctor Raissa Paje-Bayawa. A yoga book by a Filipino! A yoga book for children 

Such a beautiful contribution to the world. I can see that it would definitely be a great way to introduce your children to mindfulness and yoga in a fun way. I’ve seen mothers having a hard time practicing with their children because their kids see it as play. But perhaps it’s just another opportunity to be close to one another. The book has a yoga pose guide and a Filipino translation too.

Visiting other blogs I found In her blog she shares with us how she reads the book to her own kid 🙂 Visit the link.

That’s my list for the day 🙂

To see more Filipino brands you can support, click here. Filipino yogis for Filipino yogis ❤

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