On IASIS: A deep healing center for the mind, body, spirit in Bulacan
On IASIS: A deep healing center for the mind, body, spirit in Bulacan

On IASIS: A deep healing center for the mind, body, spirit in Bulacan

Essentially, any space can be a healing space.

Yoga studios, a room in your homes, a lake, a kitchen, a basketball court, an art gallery — you name it.

The way I see it, a place becomes a place for healing when it nurtures any process of unfolding into your authentic self – a process of unloading what is not you that can involve pain, fear and resistance.

What makes healing spaces different from each other is their very specific intentions which ironically, you’ll sense even without the use of words. But, in the exercise of articulating the intangible for you, sitting here on IASIS‘ front porch, I’d say its intentions are deep healing – physical, emotional and mental overhauling to return to who you are naturally: a healthy, happy human being.

I’m writing about them because I have the privilege  of being part of their community and I’d like to take this opportunity to share the beauty of what I’ve seen in them.

Picture from the IASIS Facebook page

IASIS is the Greek word for Healing. For the Greeks, the word Healing was synonymous with the concept of Wholeness.”

Up there is a quote you’ll read on the homepage of IASIS Health and Wholeness Center’s website and like anything that is truly good for you, it just makes a whole lot of sense.

True health is the union of a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy heart and a healthy spirit. In one word: WHOLENESS.

Located inside the GK farm in Angat Bulacan, IASIS offers a path back to wholeness through detox programs, yoga and transformational healing processes like Inner Dance, Slowing Down retreats and a wide selection of therapeutic processes and massages.

I joined the IASIS community at a time when I needed a bit of detoxing (aka after Christmas) and I’m so happy to say that healthy can absolutely be synonymous with yummy. At their restaurant, Nourish Cafe, they serve vegetarian food, raw food, juices and the like.

One of the more memorable meals I had a few weeks ago was a mushroom and quinoa patty that absolutely divine. It seems like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. It was filling without being heavy, flavorful without being overwhelming, and great with brown rice.

The kitchen staff is composed of talented, creative individuals who as I write are testing out how to make “longganisa” from beetroot and carrot 🙂

The good, well-prepared food reminded me: I am not my unhealthy eating habits.

We cannot stop raving about this chocolate cake made out of good, old camote. A must-try.


The space itself is a balm.

At the very end of the GK farm driveway, you end up surrounded by rice fields pretty much as far as you can see. There’s green all around, the sounds of nature every second, and quiet spaces to walk in peace. Pretty much perfect for someone who’s city-averse like I am.

Another reminder of what you are not: you are not the you who’s stressed out from traffic, crowds, and polluted air.

Now if you’re reading this and you’re still wondering how IASIS is any different from other retreat centers, well I’m glad you’re asking. 🙂 The superfood, the physical space, the massages and treatments – all of them seem like supplements to what IASIS can really offer you: a true space to breathe, heal and be loved.

IASIS is different from other retreat centers in its capacity to hold space for people in dire need of deep love and healing. As a wellness center, IASIS attracts those who aren’t sure where else to go. It’s been home to cancer patients, people with Parkinson’s disease, people who are simply exhausted.

During one of my weekends here, a woman in the fourth stage of her pancreatic cancer was on her second week with IASIS. At this point, yoga wasn’t really something she could muster up the energy for and I ended up just being with her and helping alleviate her pain with very gentle massage. That wasn’t what I had signed up for at all.At the start, I wasn’t sure if I could do it or even how to be with her. I felt like a student and all I could really do was observe and look how everyone else was taking care of her.

The people of IASIS were present. They saw her.

  • They listened to her and encouraged her to listen to herself.
  • They spoke with her without pity  or fear but with curiosity and empowerment.
  • They encouraged her towards art, towards remembering her dreams, towards recording her voice and her thoughts.
  • They encouraged good clean eating appropriate for her conditions, stretching and inner dance but, they also listened to her when all she wanted was to rest.
  • At all times of the day 24/7 she had someone with her because she was already at the stage of needing constant care and the presence of someone who would listen.
  • They worked with her doctors and found a compromise between her medicine and natural remedies.
  • They guided her towards slowlybecoming independent and looking towards herself for love and comfort.
  • They let her decide how and why she wanted to heal, with a strong hand guiding her back to positivity whenever she veered too far away.

This is how they take care of people at IASIS.

I was amazed, impressed, and utterly intimidated. How do I even do the same?

I started with simply being present and coming from a place of complete love – like I saw them did. She ended up giving me the gift of calling me her daughter 

Perhaps IASIS isn’t for everyone, just like maybe yoga is not something everyone will try. But if you find you resonate with this kind of love and care, then know more, read more and even visit for a day.

Invest in the help you need.

IASIS, or whatever it is you choose, will always be waiting for you with open arms.

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