5 natural, Filipino Bath and Body products perfect for Yogis
5 natural, Filipino Bath and Body products perfect for Yogis

5 natural, Filipino Bath and Body products perfect for Yogis

The products in this list aren’t just for yogis – everyone can use them and I’d say go for it! 

To clarify my headline, I say these products are for yogis because I feel they answer very specific concerns that us yogis have 🙂

I’m proud to say that all of these are natural, completely safe, and made by Filipinos.

Read on and see what our local makers have for Filipino yogis, yoginis, and basically everyone.

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Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo by Made by David Organics

CONCERN: You enjoyed savasana too much and may have overslept but oh no! You have to get up and going to your office or your next appointment in 15 minutes. There’s no time to shower. What do you do???

Everyone who can relate, raise their hands!

When I was still working a different job, this was always a concern. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I was the person who always stepped out even before savasana ended just to get in a frazzled shower and leave the studio semi-wet.

Perhaps a dry shampoo and a half-shower is a good solution here 😉

I haven’t tried this product yet but according to reviews, it’s promising. It’s a powder made with Vanilla Essential Oil and Orange Mandarin Essential Oil that you simply massage into your hair. It works by absorbing excess oil and dirt that may have settled in after your practice.

I’m hoping to try this soon but if you get to try it before me, let me know if it works for you.

Products from Made by David Organics are available at Echo Store Serendra, Echo Store Podium and Echo Store Centris and www.beautymnl.com.

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Underarm Deo Roll-on Tea Tree by Zennutrients

CONCERN: You practice once a day and take a shower after, means you put on deodorant twice a day. You practice twice a day and take showers after each class, means you put on deodorant thrice a day. Your poor underarms 🙁

This is a legitimate concern.

You want your underarms to be able to breathe during the day and constant putting on of deodorant, especially if they’re made with chemicals, is not going to help.

I personally don’t like wearing deodorant and I sometimes forego it except for times when my body becomes acidic and body odor ensues (ex: when I drink coffee too much and too often). When that does happen, I prefer to use this one from Zennutrients 🙂

It’s absolutely effective even after sweating it out through morning Ashtanga! The tea tree scent is very refreshing and what’s even better, when you first roll the deo on it has a cooling effect, perfect for the heat 🙂 Try it out and see if it works with your body chemistry.

Zennutrients products are available at various stores and kiosks which you’ll see in their site.

From their website

Rosedew mist by Human Nature

CONCERN: You really, truly had to go to yoga even if it means foregoing a shower and you still have to meet your friends. How do you keep that yoga glow going?

I know for sure that the concern above isn’t just mine! Otherwise well, I may have owned up to not showering 🙂 If ever you do find yourself in that situation, you don’t have to suffer.

Here’s something to keep you feeling fresh, like you haven’t gone through X numbers of sun salutations.

It also brings back the hydration that you may have released with sweat thanks to the rose water the beetroot extract, and the aloe vera.

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Solid perfume by Aromateria

CONCERN: So you didn’t shower and you may feel fresh but if you’re still in at least half of your yoga clothes, you may smell a little bit like dried sweat. If you mind it, then you may wanna put on something that smells a little bit more fragrant.

This can go perfectly with the Rosedew mist above. Spritz it on or wash up with clean water, then roll on a solid perfume from Arometaria.

It’s 70% organic, homemade and artisan, alcohol and paraben free and, very handy.

Comes in a lot of scents for men and women with cool names like Sherlock, Veruca Salt, Blue Oyster, Austen, etc. Here’s where to get them.

From their website


Epsom Salts by Zennutrients

CONCERN: You have cracked heels from being barefoot all the time and not only does it not look so great, it’s also ouchy.

This is a real concern for me and I suppose, everyone else who’s barefoot all the time and commutes in Manila wearing open shoes.

I didn’t want to have to get a foot spa to solve my problem so I tried out these Epsom salts from Zennutrients. You just sprinkle a handful in warm water and put your feet in for around 10 minutes. It worked soooo well for me. After my first run with it, the dry skin on my heel was soft enough to simply wipe off. Feet good as new.

I also know that epsom salt there are a lot of other ways to use epsom salts like gardening, cleaning, making face masks. I’m excited to experiment!

That’s my list for today. I hope you find it helpful 🙂

Do you have other products that were particularly useful to you as a yogi? Share it with us.

Filipino yogis for Filipino yogis!

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