6 sources of authentic healing crystals in the Philippines
6 sources of authentic healing crystals in the Philippines

6 sources of authentic healing crystals in the Philippines

My first encounter with crystals wasn’t so remarkable. At the end of my stay in Bahay Kalipay, I was given a turqouise mala and advised to charge it in the sea under the full moon. It sounded like a lot of work and I lost it two days after.

The next time crystals crossed my mind, I was going through a lot of negativity, thinking thoughts that didn’t feel like my own, and generally down. It was a hard slump to get out of and by then, I was willing to try all kinds of things to get out of it. I don’t remember who it was, but I was told it might help to get a crystal like an onyx or an obsidian – to protect me from negative energy. I took the advice and now… well let’s just say I’m starting a collection 😉

A lot of us have heard about crystals already, as jewelry – turquoise, emerald, jade, sapphire, topaz, garnet. Another way to look at them are, as life companions.

Definitely crystals don’t replace needed healthcare or needed therapy, especially if they don’t resonate with you remedy-wise. What they are are spiritual companions helping you along the process of life. Through their vibrations, they help us in grounding, living your truth, finding love, growing in intuition, communication, abundance, dealing with grief, managing stress, cultivating discipline, finding joy… the list goes on and on. If you wanna know more about crystals, I think Spirit Science explained it best in their four-part series 🙂 The second episode is on crystal uses.

That being said, where do we get authentic crystals here in the Philippines? Over my growing love of them, I’ve also uncovered many good people and groups sharing the crystal love and making them available to us in need of them 🙂

Here are some crystal shops that I can definitely recommend. In all of these, you’ll likely find pendants, crystal bracelets, and tumbled stones:

The Mala Tree

From The Mala Tree


The Mala Tree is where I got my first three crystal pendants: obsidian, clear quartz, and rose quartz.  They specialize in rare, high-quality Japa Mala Beads – the likes of which I haven’t seen anywhere else. An example of a rare piece that has an incredible draw on me is the Tibetan style Morganite-Beryl compassion mala beads. Aside from the usual crystal repertoire (as I stated above), they also sell Feng shu bracelets, Tibetan Dzi bracelets, healing wands and pendulums.

What’s more, before you receive your crystal, they cleanse it with their three-part cleansing method to rid it of any negative energy and prepare it to work with your intentions.

Price range

Mala beads: P1600-5000

Bracelets: P1100-2500

Pendants: P300-2000

The Happy Sage 

From The Happy Sage

I met the woman behind The Happy Sage in a fair and though I didn’t buy from her then, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful way she strung together the stones. A month later maybe, I got my own Happy Sage bracelet, for love 😉

Apart from the usual, crystal bracelets from the Happy Sage are strung together with such deep understanding of their uses and how the crystals work together. It’s beautiful to look at and to feel supported by such lovingly crafted assemblage of stones.

Price range

Bracelets: P800-2000

Necklaces: around P500


Seen on Facebook

Imbuing the crystals with extra beauty, OM.MNL adds symbolic charms to the crystal bracelets they sell. They also combine them in such lovely ways that it really does feel like artistic jewelry.

I’ve spoken to one of the owners (or perhaps the sole owner?) as well on one of my many inquiries and they are just so friendly and accommodating 🙂

Price range

Bracelets: Around P579-1150

Crystal Age

Photo from Sel Mariano’s Facebook page. Sel is the woman behind Crystal Age 🙂

From crystal age I got my first crystal that wasn’t wearable. I got a citrine charger and, I truly feel that it’s helped me become more abundant. At the very least, it’s so beautiful to look at and the cool calm yellow of it calms me every time.

Aside from pendants, Crystal Age offers chargers, crystal obelisks, tumbled stones, and keychains 🙂

Price range

Crystal obelisks; Around P900

Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop

From their Facebook page

Basically, they have everything, except mala beads 🙂

Bracelets of all kinds, pendants, crystal keychains, pendulums, chakra roll-ons, books, tumbled stones, crystal clusters, and wands. Something special they also sell are orgonite power pendants, that they say can be more powerful than just one crystal working by itself.

Price range

Bracelets: P350-P830

Pendants: P350-P1490

Fake Alchemy

From the Fake Alchemy Facebook page

Even before getting into crystals I already heard about Fake Alchemy because of how beautiful her work was. The crystals she sells are so incredibly eye-catching and unique that it feels like no one piece is the same. She sells bangles, necklaces, earrings that look entirely different from almost everything out there crystal-shop wise 🙂

She also sells terrariums and marbled coasters that again, have beautiful symmetry and flow. From what I’ve observed, majority of what she has on hand are quartz 🙂

Price range

Most of the crystal products range from P200-P380

That’s it from me for now. I’m sure there are many more out there and with my love for crystals, I will find them 😉

Do you know of any others. I’d love to hear about them 🙂 Please leave me a message in the comments below.

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