5 simple steps to harness the Law of Attraction everyday
5 simple steps to harness the Law of Attraction everyday

5 simple steps to harness the Law of Attraction everyday

In the latter part of 2016, I started reading Ask and It Is Given, a book about the Law of Attraction and, the more and more I read about it, the more and more I’ve grown into a feeling of power.

Basically what it says this: it is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT as a human being on this earth to be a co-creator of the life you’re living. Yes you are living in a universe with its own timing and grace, amongst human beings motivated by their own needs and wants – that doesn’t mean you can’t exert the same influence these forces are exerting on you.

You are not driftwood floating around at sea. You are a huge voyager vessel charting its own path despite hell or high water. Again. You are a huge voyager vessel charting its own path despite hell or high water.

And if this is the case, how do you begin to set sail? It’s that very thing that most of us think is our weakness: our emotions.

The Law of Attraction basically states, whatever you give you receive. Whatever vibrational frequency you give, you receive. Though you may think this means, whatever you think about, you receive – it isn’t entirely the complete picture.

To break it down, in our mind we may be focusing on future plans, hopes, and dreams but deep inside, do you believe you deserve it? Do you believe you can get it? How do you really feel about your endeavors? Is it a true calling or need, whatever you’re asking for? These are the deep-seated ideas that truly influence our vibrations and what we actually give off. If you don’t know what these are, your emotions will tell you.


When you think about what it is you’d want to happen, how does it make you feel? Sad? Happy? 

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS = low frequency vibrations = You’re paying attention to the lack of it = You attract lack

POSITIVE EMOTIONS = high frequency vibrations = You’re vibrating at the same energy as what you’re asking for = You attract it

Something I read that’s stuck to me quite clearly and I do my best to practice is: Imagine how you’d feel if you were already where you wanted to be. Then feel it. Be whatever it is you want to be already and enjoy the happiness that comes with it already.

Works for me 🙂 Works for me, but it isn’t always easy work. I don’t do it as regularly as I’d like because when you’re just feeling down, it’s like climbing an unforgiving mountain to even get out of bed, what more to get to those high frequency emotions. It’s like yoga. A downward dog is hard work, until it’s moderately okay, then it becomes easy, then you start looking forward to it… and then you start doing downward dogs all over the place like a crazy person.

Case in point.

Practice and all is coming. 

To practice vibrating on a higher level, feeling as if I were already successful, and just generally using the Law of Attraction to become a co-creator, here are a few measures I’d like to share with you 🙂 If I’m in a rush, I can do this in around a minute or less. I try to do it daily or, as often within a day as I need to.

1) Be quiet.

Being quiet could mean meditating. It could also mean, literally being quiet 🙂 Quiet with your words, quiet with your actions, quiet on social media, quiet with your breathing. 

When you feel yourself being overwhelmed with anxiety or sadness, take a few deep breaths. Take a few more if you need them. Notice what you’re feeling and label it “anxiety,” “fear,” “stress,” “overwhelm,” “insecurity,” or whatever else it may be. Link it back to the sequence of events that got you there – not to indulge further in the feeling, but to ground you and put things in perspective. Even with positive emotions, it’s good practice to do this.

Be quiet and recognise what vibrational frequency you’re residing in.

CONCRETE ACTIONS: Sit down somewhere quiet and breathe. Maybe even meditate. Ground yourself in your breath and turn from feeling to observing.

2) Say thank you.

Wherever area of the frequency field we may find you at, say “thank you.”

If you’re feeling great, THANK YOU.

If you’re feeling like shit, THANK YOU.

Reverse it and see negative emotions as good things. Signs that a situation may have gotten out of hand. Signs that you’re ready to shift out of the containers you currently define your life with. Signs that you’re participating in life. Signs that yes, you’re human!

Gratitude changes everything. I keep on saying this like a scary clown but it’s true! 🙂 And saying thank you is a step up already on that vibrational level.

CONCRETE ACTIONS: Say a silent “thank you.”

3) Daydream with intention.

This is the part where we exercise vibrating higher. 

Daydream with intention or in other words, visualise very clearly where you’d like to be. This could be a general place (ex. I want to move forward in my career) or specific (ex. I want to get a promotion three months from now.)

The more specific the better. Call to mind whatever it is and take a few moments to imagine as if it’s already yours. Ask yourself: What would you be doing right now if you had it? What would your morning routine be like? What would be your responsibilities? Who would be the people in your life? How would people express being happy for you? Who are the people you interact with? Daydream all of these things with the intention of feeling that you have arrived and you are already enjoying this new place.

This process can take me a while, especially when I’m feeling down. But I just keep on working on it. If there’s a certain day I couldn’t access it, at least I tried.

If you feel this might be a challenge for you. Write down your answers already so you can read them instead of having to reimagine all over again. Or perhaps draw them, have an album of photos on your phone to remind you of your answers, wear a bracelet that helps you with this daydream. Do what works for you.

CONCRETE ACTIONS: Daydream. If you have trouble doing this, prepare a vision board or a short paragraph describing your ideals that you can easily come back to at any time. Daydream, and repeat as needed.

4) Savor. Revel. Smile.

Once you’ve reached it, give yourself a pat on the back. This is worth a congratulations!

You’ll know you’re there because it feels like the universe just gave you a huge hug. I usually know I’m there when I feel myself lighting up inside, my chest feeling bigger, and even smiling.

Take a few moments now to savour and revel in the quiet happiness of being one. Once you’re there, you’ll understand why I thought this part deserved it’s own step 😉 It’s just that good.

CONCRETE ACTIONS: Take a few moments to enjoy the state of mind you’re in. Tell yourself, “This is an extraordinary moment. There’s no rush.”

5) Say thank you. Again.

Say thank you again. This time to yourself, for giving yourself the time to cultivate the skill of recognizing your own worth and well-being.

Say thank you to the universe too, even if you’re still on your way. “Thank you for giving me that promotion already.”

CONCRETE ACTIONS: Say a silent “thank you.”

An image from Sweet as Honey studio, a cool blog I found via the Being Boss community

Depending on where you’re at emotionally and mentally, this could sound simple or scary. It  helps to be mental about your feelings – that is, be as specific as possible. It’s like trying to create a memory in the future. Since it doesn’t exist yet, you have to imagine every part of the scene and create every part of it before you get to the feelings-part of the memory. Plus, the more specific you are, the more specific what you receive will become.

Take the time that you need. If you have more time on your hands, by all means sit with yourself for 10 minutes with this exercise. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

Emotions, vibrations, and the belief that you are a powerful co-creator who can manifest good things into your life makes absolutely ALL the difference between striving and arriving to the destination. And it’s definitely better to arrive, in style 🙂

Does this work for you? Do you have any other methods you do? I’d love to hear them and try them out myself too 🙂 

As always, very glad to share 🙂

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