Oms Giving X White Space: On the Generosity of Gratitude
Oms Giving X White Space: On the Generosity of Gratitude

Oms Giving X White Space: On the Generosity of Gratitude

Reposting something also posted on White Space Mind and Body Wellness‘ blog.

I am so happy to be working with the studio where I found my practice. They’re hosting June’s Oms Giving classes on June 20 and 27! I’ll be teaching on the 20th so see you there 😉

What draws many people to become yoga teachers is an overwhelming urge to share what the practice of yoga has done for them. The graduates ofWhite Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio’s first batch of teacher training are no different.

If you allow it to be, yoga can be a life-giving practice that transforms you into a kinder, more mindful version of yourself. To share this beautiful people-oriented side of yoga, Chris Benedicto, Jan Cerezo, Mariel De Jesus, Kim Espiritu, Paola Cardenas-Factoran and Dindin Reyes started Oms Giving. As an initiative, it’s meant to share their love of yoga with people from all walks of life, while giving back to the broader community and just being helpful human beings.

Each community class with Oms Giving acts as a fund-raising event for specific advocacies and groups supporting people in need. This June, Oms Giving together with White Space Wellness will support the A-HA! Learning Center.

Based in Makati, A-HA! is a free tutoring center for public school children from grades one through ten. The center aims to provide free tutoring and mentoring services to the children in the community most in need. A-HA!, a project of the Jose Commodore Francisco Foundation, does this in partnership with a community of responsible, committed and loving volunteers.

Oms Giving’s classes for A-HA! will be held on June 20 and June 27, 2015 at White Space Wellness. Everyone can join in with an energy exchange of PHP350.00.

To give back to A-HA! in other ways, visit their Facebook page and see how you can tutor, volunteer and even set up your own kids’ workshops!

See you in class!

Oms Giving

To read more about what it’s like to volunteer for A-HA, read:  What tutoring public school kids has taught me


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  1. As always, THANK YOU for your support Dindin. :’) Abbey and I are PROUD of what you and your batchmates have created! Continue spreading your brand of love and light and we’ll be behind you every step of the way!

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