Buy yoga clothes for the benefit of Pasay Pups

Times when you’re really glad you’re on Facebook — when you see other people using it as a platform to help.

Here’s something I saw on my feed today:

Ashley Ginger, a woman who by her profile works at PETA Asia-Pacific posted this photo 🙂

They’re selling donated yoga clothes to raise funds for Pasay Pups. All the new tops, bags, pants, and shorts are available for a minimum donation of P200. The proceeds from the sale on May 24th, Sunday, will go to the ligation fund.

Yoga clothes and puppy smiles like this? How can you resist? 🙂

Photo from the Pasay Pups Facebook page

Photo from the Pasay Pups Facebook page


Pasay Pups is a community volunteer organization that works in an impoverished area in Pasay to care for the many animals in the area. According to them there are around 200-300 dogs and cats in the city and they need looking after too. Pasay Pups provides basic veterinary care and services like vaccination, ligation, flea and tick prevention, and of course, love.

Aside from going to the sale, you can help them by either donating via PayPal (which you’ll see on their Facebook page), or offering any help which they need and you can offer (i.e. volunteering, funds, supplies, etc.)

Some of the animals they care for, like the lovely dog above, are also up for adoption. So if you’re looking for a pet, maybe think about welcoming one of the Pasay Pups into your home 🙂

Grab this opportunity to make your practice a life-giving one.


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