Filipino-made for yogis: Jaimala, Luntian bags, Bodyfood All-Natural
Filipino-made for yogis: Jaimala, Luntian bags, Bodyfood All-Natural

Filipino-made for yogis: Jaimala, Luntian bags, Bodyfood All-Natural

A little less than a week back in Manila and the unfortunate truth is, I’m still not in love with the city. Apparently, post-travel depression is a real thing.

I’m still waiting for my mind and spirit to arrive here too and it’s really taking its sweet time. So, what do I do to fill my time in the meanwhile? Yoga of course 🙂

This weekend I went to Flow in the City, an event organized by Flow Retreats and presented by Fully Booked and Aura Athletica. For the few hours I was there I felt a little bit at home again – there’s truly something to be said about being in the company of like-minded people. You may not know hardly anyone there (which was the case with me) but, just being in a space where people share the same energy as you is such a relief. Much gratitude to the women of Flow Retreats whose next events are in Ubud, Bali and Gili Air & Lombok.

I arrived right before Denise Celdran‘s wonderful and eye-opening homeopathy workshop and saw this:

… a bunch of yogis having partner-yoga fun on the floor, led by Monica Manzano. There was quite a bit of laughing and talking and for a change, it was nice to see a yoga class that wasn’t so quiet and focused inward.

The workshops and all the glorious healthy food are for another post altogether, especially now that I’m exploring eating clean seriously. Today, I just wanna share about all the wonderful enterprises that have made products perfect for us Filipino yogis.

Read on.


Pictures from the JaiMala Facebook page

Let’s all admit it. We love mantras. We love speaking it, living it, sharing it. With JaiMala, now we can wear them too 🙂

“Rise above and choose love.” “Yoga, you had me at savasana.” “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.” “Cruelty-free.” “Namaste.” 

If you’re a yogi, a vegan, a vegetarian, or even just an open-minded person – you’ll find a shirt here somewhere that’s just for you. Had a good talk with Jean Alfonso-Decena who put JaiMala up and just like me and all the rest of us, good food and yoga “ruined” her life. Suddenly there was an urgent call to do something different and more life-giving, thus, JaiMala.

What particularly resonated with me was this canvas bag with the word Ahimsa beautifully printed on it. Get it so I can experience having it through you 😉

Now they sell shirts, sleeveless shirts, hooded sweatshirts and tote bags. Soon on their roster: kiddie shirts, mugs, and stickers, all under the themes of yoga, veganism, animal and human compassion, environmentalism, love, meditation, health and wellness. Contact them on their Facebook or through



Made with love and hard work by Ana Gutch, Bodyfood All-Natural is a brand you can trust. Her home and bath & body products are made clean and fresh from wonderful quality ingredients. It helps that at her booth, they placed many of the ingredients she uses for you to check out. As soon as you see, touch, and smell all her soaps, oils, sprays, and bath salts, you’ll now that everything on the table is good for you – so good you’ll be tempted to try and taste it 🙂

For your aches and pains, nausea or anything else, try Bodyfood’s Balm Around. Smells great and it lathers so smoothly on the skin. You’ll be putting on a ton before you know it.



  • Bodyfood All-Natural Yoga Mat Spray

Ana’s got a yoga mat spray too 🙂 This has the most lovely citrus smell. It smells like freshly squeezed lemon and oranges all in one. For sure, anything you use it on is going to smell and feel new and yummy.

Photos from the Luntian Bags Facebook


Such beautiful yoga mat bags ❤ The fabric is katcha combines with weaves from Ifugao.

What’s even better is when you buy an Om Yoga bag, not only are you supporting a good product, you’re also supporting a social enterprise that provides jobs for unemployed women in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas.

They have a lot of other styles and fabrics to choose from. For them, it’s all about lessening the use of plastic and making everything reusable. For yogis, below is something you might like


That’s my list for the day 🙂

To see more Filipino brands you can support, click here. Filipino yogis for Filipino yogis ❤

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