Filipino-made for yogis: Brown Belly, Sparrow, Human Nature, yoga straps
Filipino-made for yogis: Brown Belly, Sparrow, Human Nature, yoga straps

Filipino-made for yogis: Brown Belly, Sparrow, Human Nature, yoga straps

Filipino inventiveness knows no bounds so it follows that there’s no end to the brands we can choose from for our fitness practice – whatever it may be 🙂

Here’s a second list from me to you. And just like before, do let me know if there are any other brands out there you think are worth trying.


Picture from the Brown Belly Etsy page

Pictures from the Brown Belly Facebook page

Brown Belly is all about the beach life, but their clothing line goes beyond just what you can use in the water. They have the Brown Belly Yoga! line and it stays true to their roots – you can wear them in the studio and at sea. Part of their line are adjustable yoga shorts with expressive prints, and yoga tops that can range from simple to colorful. Looks perfect for hot weather and a hot practice.



Sparrow’s a relatively new brand that focuses on fragrances. I found them at the Maker’s Market at Estancia a few weeks ago and must have stayed at their stall for a few minutes just smelling (and wanting to buy) everything. Their massage oil has a Lavender & Rosemary scent that is wonderfully relaxing. Sparrow also sells body scrubs, lotions, room and linen sprays, perfume, etc.

From the Human Nature site

Human Nature is a brand you can rely on 🙂 During one class I attended, the teacher used a balm I thought smelled great. After savasana I checked, and it was good old Human Nature. It’s a healthy, 100% non-toxic mix of peppermint, eucalyptus, and bergamot that you can use in your daily life and in your practice.



  • Sparrow Yoga Mat spray

They’ve got a yoga mat spray too 🙂 And just like the rest of their stuff, it smells awesome! Keep your mat smelling fresh with this lemongrass and tea tree spray. When you hover over your mat in your vinyasa, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Another wonderful find from the Maker’s Market 🙂 Yoga straps!!! I’ve been looking for cheap alternatives for forever and the best deal I could find was at P550. I delayed buying and I’m glad I did, I got two of these handy straps for P250 each from Curls and Twirls, a shop that offers the quirky and the rare. It was on sale so if you get them now it might just be a little more expensive but hey, at least you’re supporting your fellow yogis. The woman behind Curls and Twirls made these herself. They’re sturdy, a nice brown color, and extremely long making it good for days when you’re especially stiff in your forward folds.


That’s my list for the day 🙂

To see more Filipino brands you can support, click here. Filipino yogis for Filipino yogis ❤

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