Do Your Thing: A Better Story girls’ camp
Do Your Thing: A Better Story girls’ camp

Do Your Thing: A Better Story girls’ camp

After more than two years of mentoring women and holding workshops for the everyday Filipina, the Better Story Project is relaunching their advocacy with a will only a solid group of strong-ass women can manage. On March 28, they’re making their dream come true — which is, encouraging other women to dream too 🙂

The Do Your Own Thing Camp is a one-day event at GK’s Enchanted Farm in Bulacan where you’re going to be told over and over again, JUST DO IT. Just do it already. You know who you are, you know what makes you feel alive, you know what you have to do about it, so why the wait? If you don’t know yet, even the more reason to stop making excuses and actually sit down and think – what do I want out of this short life?

The women at the Better Story Project know something you may have forgotten: you are a strong, capable woman who can get what you dream of if you start now. Join the camp and surround yourself with a community of women who will break your fears down, challenge you, and then empower you to challenge others. And let’s be honest, sometimes this is exactly what we need.

Yes, we’re strong but we’re not strong all the time. You need support and who better to lift you up than the Better Story girls and the camp speakers? As described by Isa Garcia of the Better Story Project, here are the people who want to give you that push forward:

Chely Esguerra. Chely is the Managing Director of ChannelGood Advocacyy Communications, a company that does films and videos for mission-driven and non-profit organisations. She is also the founder of Girl Matter, a program meant emotionally, and physically help young Filipinas who have survived a history to abuse.

Celine Encarnacion. Cel is a regular speaker for Better Story. She is currently a Plana Forma instructor, a Zumba instructor and a yoga teacher to both kids and adults. Cel is a huge believer in living what you love.

Steph Tan. Steph is the Chief of Staff of the Office of Commissioner Yeb Saño of the Philippines’ Climate Change Commission. She spearheaded Climate Walk, a campaign to raise awareness, secure commitments from government officials to enact laws on climate adaptation as well as commemorate the first anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda as a powerful reminder of the reality of climate change. 


In partnership with Social Adventours,  the Better Story is holding this camp after dreaming of it since Day 1. Honoring your vision by chasing after it is something they feel strongly about after observing the imaginary limitations that are set on Filipino women – by women themselves. Janelle Batacan, another core member of the group voices what the rest think, “We fulfill what is expected of us and use this as a badge or an excuse to not go much further… We are a culture that both loves to give and hates to receive underhanded comments like ‘Yabang!’, or ‘Feeling!’, or ‘Akala mo kung sino.’ We admire women who stand out but are ourselves programmed to fit in.

Do you think this is true? Is this you? Whether you agree or not, somewhere out there is a girl who thinks the minimum is enough and what a waste. Train yourself to dream big ☀

If you’re done with feeling locked in, ready to take a plunge, sign up here. Up for grabs for who knows how long are free passes to the camp worth P2500, if you join this contest of theirs 🙂

Here’s a quote The Better Story Project has left for the dreamers. Something I can truly relate to. Going on that wild dream chase is definitely an “it could kill you thing,” but it’s worth it when you realize it hasn’t.

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