Submit to the cute, buy local
Submit to the cute, buy local

Submit to the cute, buy local

Okay, so let’s admit it.

A lot of us girls (and some guys, too) have a weakness for the cute. Me, not so much but every now and then, colorful, pretty things end up winning me over 🙂

If you’re like me, cute is a guilty pleasure – and if we’re talking about guilty pleasures, well, we may as well get them for cheaper and we may as well help our fellow Filipinos out by buying local.

Here are some places where you can find cutesy things made by some pretty enterprising individuals:

1) Bunny Snarl – Handmade keychains and pouches by a girl named Guia. You can send her a message at if you’re interested. Basing on her creations, if ever Guia and I meet, we’ll probably get along just fine – turtles, whales, and Adventure Time ♥

All images from the Bunny Snarl facebook page

2) Rubber Ducky Stamp Co. – In the age where you can reach someone practically by almost every online channel, written notes and reminders are a lovely novelty. And before there were stickers, there were stamps. These stamps are completely hand-carved and thoughtfully made. Here are instructions for ordering. If you wanna make designs of your own, I think they’re open to that too.

All pictures from their facebook page

3) PaperCanvas – Making a personalized notebook kind of seems simple, but for people like me who can’t draw or paint, it’s a dreaded task that’ll probably end up in something really weird. PaperCanvas makes notebooks just for you and your loved ones and you can be sure, no one else is gonna have the same thing.

All pictures from their facebook page

4) Punchdrunk Panda – Here’s some local art you can wear and use everyday. It’s definitely form, function, and Filipino all in one. Punchdrunk Panda designs are created by artists like Dan Matutina,  Diego Mapa, Kasey Albano, Kitkat Pecson, OJ Desuadido, and many many more. They have everything from bags, shoes, iPad cases, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases. Go to their site and go crazy! 🙂

Earthly Pursuits
Koi Waves
Colorful City
Light Years

So there you go. Submitting to the cute doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can definitely do a lot of good for the Filipino startup.

You’re welcome for all that eye candy 🙂

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