ICC day at Liquid Dumaguete
ICC day at Liquid Dumaguete

ICC day at Liquid Dumaguete

I love Dumaguete.

A week ago or so, I got to spend the weekend in Dumaguete with lovely people for a much needed break 🙂 International Coastal Cleanup day fell on that weekend so we ended up doing a cleanup dive in Liquid Dumaguete’s house reef, Mainit.

In terms of trash underwater, I have to say I’ve seen worse. In Batangas, I’ve seen jeans, diapers, various kinds of shoes, and loads and loads of wrappers. The most common thing to find in Mainit was fishing nets :O There was so many of them and most of the nets were embedded in the corals that they were starting to grow into the coral.

Here are a few pictures of the cleanup dive.


Liquid Dumaguete also had Steve de Neef come over to talk about conservation photography, something I’m becoming really interested in.

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