Happy Heights: Here we go again!
Happy Heights: Here we go again!

Happy Heights: Here we go again!

Aaaand, we’re doing it again 🙂

Trail Adventours and I are doing another installation of the Happy Heights project, this time with the Shepherd of the Hills organization (SOTH). We’re bringing 10 of their kids to Mt. Gulugud-Baboy!

I found out about SOTH after volunteering at their center with U! Happy Events.  SOTH is a family run childcare organization that shelters children who are abandoned, neglected, and orphaned. Anne, one of the people who runs it, says it was really a fruit of her parents’ big hearts and immense trust. As with most NGOs that start from scratch, funds were low and the needs were high, but things came through in the end each time. I’m looking forward to hearing more about their story as we go along 🙂

For everyone’s information, Happy Heights is an outreach program to give underprivileged children a free day hike. A private initiative in cooperation with Trail Adventours, it’s meant to be an alternative source of fun and confidence – bringing these kids to a new environment and showing them a different way to learn and enjoy themselves. The hike comes with environmental and confidence modules 🙂

It’s funded through crowdfunding so, if you’re interested in sponsoring a kid, please let me know 🙂 You can contact me at 0917-564-8917. We’ll be releasing the details soon too!

Happy climbing 🙂

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