10 Awesome Pinoy Collectibles

Here’s a video I worked on last week, a small part of the plate of work I have in front of me over at Rappler 🙂 Nonetheless, I’m very proud of the outcome.

Our life and style reporter, Pia Ranada, who’s also  part of Heritage Conservation Society Youth, lists down 10 awesome Pinoy collectibles. Basically, almost-forgotten pieces of our culture and heritage that deserve to stay on our shelves. Can also be called, 10 awesome Pinoy products to inspire national pride.

All products are from this new shop in Manila called The Manila Collectible Co.. They claim to sell “Thoughtful Stuff,” and I agree. They sell local products, indigenous products that are hard to come by in the city and well worth the buck. I’m honestly afraid to go there because I know I’m going to end up buying a looooot of stuff.

Graphics are by the wonderful Chay Lazaro, and the music is by my good friend Nica del Rosario.

Enjoy! 🙂

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