Spark it now!

Aaaaand, they’re at it again!

The Spark Project, the first crowdfunding platform in the country, is asking you nicely if you’d like to help fund more projects for the soul 🙂

Way back in February, they launched 4 projects and suffice it to say, they’ve found that crowd funding works. Two of their projects, Paint Some Happy and Offbeat Pursuits, were funded completely and the other two garnered a decent amount of attention as well. For a site that’s introduced something completely new to a wide audience, it’s not bad at all 😀

From their site.


They’ve sparked a few other projects since then like Biyaheng Burda and First Day High, but the projects that truly needs your attention right now are new ones by Route +63 and Kawil Tours.



Route +63 wants to restore Tam-An village houses in Banaue, Ifugao.  The Tam-An village houses are the native houses foe the community and they’re special because they’re built without any nails or metal, a cultural technique passed on from generation to generation. Together with volunteers and locals, Route +63 will restore the houses in true badchang (bayanihan in Ifugao) fashion aiming to build a village. The Tam-An village will be a center for cultural and artistic exchange. For all reasons above, I’m in love with this project. Volunteer in July and/or fund!



Kawil Tours is the only startup tour group that brings you to Culion, the former leper colony in Palawan. When you travel with them, Kawil Tours sees it as profit for the whole community 🙂 E.g. the boatmen and the students of Loyola College of Culion benefit from the tours! To be a better bridge between tourists and locals, they need a boat. DONATE.
This is their page on the Spark Project website after just a day. They already raised around 28% of their crowdfunding goal in a little over 24 hours. Amazing!!! 


Hope you guys check both these projects out 🙂 Travel with them too! I know I’m planning to.

And, maybe you have a Spark Project of your own! Submitting a proposal is easy 🙂

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