Teach for the Philippines: Baby steps
Teach for the Philippines: Baby steps

Teach for the Philippines: Baby steps

I’m nearing my third month in Rappler and already, I’m staring to feel an itch to go out into the field.

As an Associate Producer, I love what I do and I still have a lot to learn – but that doesn’t help the fact that I’d like to tell stories too 🙂 I haven’t really told anyone (and hopefully no one from Rappler sees this) because I don’t want to get pressured. I can freak myself out enough for everybody, thanks very much. And so I’ve decided to take baby steps.

One of them was covering the Teach for the Philippines Summer Institute graduation. An additional perk was that I could blog about it :))


Here’s the resulting article by David Lozada, and it was included in the June 3 newscast too!

Being there brought me back to about 6 months ago when I was considering applying. Seeing the TFP fellows made me think to myself, “Girl, you really wouldn’t have cut it.”

There’s wanting to help out, and then there’s offering two years of your life to entering a disorganized, daunting public school system just for the chance of making a slight difference.

All 53 of them seemed happy enough to be there. The two I was actually able to speak with were worried. If I was in their place, I would be freaking out. So to settle at worry really is a courageous thing – to go with their courageous choice.

I have nothing but respect and well wishes for them. And hope too.

Their choice also set me to thinking about my own choices so far.

I’m at a fork in the road right now, and depending on which way I go, a different version of me will be actualized. I refuse to say, “Bahala na.”

Here’s to hoping we all figure out which paths to take at the correct time 🙂 To have different choices to make and different goals to chase after is a blessing in itself.

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