Welcome to Beanstalk.ph
Welcome to Beanstalk.ph

Welcome to Beanstalk.ph

It was a little over four months ago when I first wrote about Beanstalk.ph. At the time, I described them as a marketplace that was out to serve the people who are trying to make a living out of helping.


Last Saturday, May 25, they had a launch at Craft Coffee Workshop, and I was glad to find that what I said still holds true.



They launched a new look, introduced themselves, and introduced some of their partners. It was still the same story I had heard  before – project for school turned into a vocation, a vocation turned into a social enterprise – but this time, there was a little more gravity behind the words. The 4 months of experience they’ve had to back it up seems to have been 4 months of nothing but hard work 🙂


Adriann Caldozo of Beanstalk.
This was the first thing to see upon entering Craft last Saturday, featuring Beanstalk’s partners Artwine, Denim Dimension, and Habi Footwear.
More social enterprise partners! Mr. Kengkoy, Leyende, EchoStore, Loud Basstard, Plush & Play, Karaw Artventures.
The women of Leyende, checking out the site.


It was a simple enough affair, straightforward and very telling. A mark of how community-minded Beanstalk is is that a large part of program that Saturday morning was for “networking.” After the folks from Habi Footwear and Leyende gave a short talk about their enterprises (which are both amazing stories by the way – for future posts and reviews :D), the event was basically a free-for-all. Adriann and his partners encouraged us to talk amongst ourselves and build connections. Lucky for me, I got to talk to JC Soriano from Magis Solutions – just when I needed a web developer!

I know they’re always looking for partners so if you’re interested, contact them at beanstalkphilippines@gmail.com.

Just like four months ago, I’m still excited for this brand and for sure, they’re not gonna disappoint. 🙂

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