3 Places to Volunteer Today #4: Weekend after Elections
3 Places to Volunteer Today #4: Weekend after Elections

3 Places to Volunteer Today #4: Weekend after Elections

Elections are finally over.

I literally feel like I took a long “vacation” and I’m only now returning to my real life. Haha!

I know I’m making it sound really intense but that’s honestly what it felt like to me. Rappler’s 5-day election coverage and everything that led up to it was consuming, tiring, and overall, incredibly inspiring 🙂 Just as we were wrapping up our last top-of-the-hour newscast, the word “service” popped up in my head.

But it’s been a week past D-day and it’s time to snap back to reality. Thankfully, the life I’m going back to is a good one. I’ve received so many invitations to volunteer for this coming weekend (May 25-26), and I’m going to share some of them with you.

  1. Paint Some Happy – Paint-Some-Happy project wants to transform public spaces through art and painting, so that they become dream scapes that encourage children to hope. They’re painting some walls at Toro Hills elementary school this weekend! Details are below 🙂 It should be fun. I’m going on Saturday or Sunday – or both!
  2. Balik Eskwela 2013 by Initiatives for Social Action (ISA) –  Balik Eskwela aims to prep the indigent children from Capas, Tarlac for the coming school year by providing school supplies to indigent students in Sitio Cawayan and Sitio Flora. ISA supports “under-resourced communities” with schools that aren’t registered with the Department of Education. Balik Eskwela is an overnight immersion on May 25-26. Aside from distributing the school supplies, as volunteers you’ll also participate in games, art sessions and story telling with the kids 🙂 Below are some more details, from their Facebook page – you can contact them there! The orientation is tomorrow (Tuesday).
  3. Save Philippine Seas’ Seatizen’s Festival – REVISION: Seatizen’s Festival is moved to September. (See their announcement here). Technically, it’s still after elections so I’m keeping it here as a reminder 😀 This isn’t exactly a volunteering event but your presence would still be a huge help anyway 🙂 Save Philippine Seas is turning 2 and to celebrate another year of championing Philippine marine life, they’re holding a fundraiser with a fun run, a Sunday market, and a concert at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center on Sunday, May 26. I’m most interested in the fun run. It’s called Run for Change and participants are encouraged to come in costume made from recyclable materials. Fun, right? 🙂

    MOVED. To September 🙂

It’s definitely a packed, exciting weekend ahead if you want it to be.

Take some of the time to help out. It’ll be good for your heart 🙂

To see more places you can volunteer at, click here.  ❤


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