Phindies: My Kind of Marketplace
Phindies: My Kind of Marketplace

Phindies: My Kind of Marketplace

For some reason, a majority of people label me as a “hipster.” I vehemently disagree because I think I’m too nerdy to be one. But okay, I do like certain things that somehow fit into the hipster stereotype – I’m not gonna lie. And I’m not gonna say I don’t like It’s awesome.

Phindies is an online marketplace where you can find the unique. Everything featured on the site is “handmade, designed or produced by independent Filipino artists, designers and entrepreneurs.”

For them, step A is to sell cool products you won’t find anywhere else. Then, having given on-the-rise artists, designers and entrepreneurs a space to share their creations, step B is to encourage them to keep on doing what they’re doing. They call their merchants indie-preneurs and just like anyone else trying to start something, these indie-preneurs need help. Phindies understands that.


The products you see on their site (e.g. clothes, accessories, bags) – most of them are not mass-produced. If anything, these are all items you could probably find in a hole-in-the-wall shop, a random bazaar, or through a small site. But thanks to Phindies, these designers are able to tap into a bigger online audience and they can do it together.

really like going on the site, even if I haven’t had time to really browse or buy anything yet. It’s very colorful and easy on the eyes, which I guess comes with the fact that all the products are works of creativity. First on my list of things to purchase is a wallet from Pitaka 🙂

Picture from their Tumblr.


So far, the brands featured on their site are Bahia, Bandeaux by Callasandra, Happy Buttons, Hiyas Filipinas, Izzo, Juan District, Luntian Bags, Monstercloset, Pitaka, Sosi Bayongs, Tall Things, Teekals, and Trinkets MNL.

If you happen to have any products you want to see the light of day, I suggest you get in touch with them 🙂 I’m excited to see this site grow, and I’m sure they’d love to feature more brands.

After all, their message to people who visit on their site reads:

 Thank you so much for choosing to support the Filipino dreams. Shop & feel good about every purchase!

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