Four weeks with Rappler
Four weeks with Rappler

Four weeks with Rappler

I started working with Rappler on the 18th of March so technically, I’ve been with them for just four weeks. Gotta admit, I’m only beginning to love the job :))

I’m not sure if it was obvious to anyone, but the first couple of weeks were kiiinda rough for me. For sure, Rappler can also be classified as a startup. But it’s most definitely different from the startup I came from. From working with 11 people, I am now surrounded by at least 30 people everyday. I don’t think I’ve even met everyone on the team! And, of course, journalism work isn’t exactly the same as being paid to be creative.

But it’s not entirely unfamiliar. I’ve always thought of my work with OnMedia as creative problem-solving and problem-finding – both of which are informally in my job description as an Associate Producer. And as big as it may be, Rappler is still a start-up and the energy that kept me in OnMedia for so long is definitely there. Everyone is hungry, so to speak. We all want to create the best version of our site together and we want to do it because it’s what the readers deserve.


So yes, I am reaching the point where I’m beginning to enjoy myself and the nervousness is slowly fading away. Mostly it’s being replaced by learning. I can almost literally feel my brain stretching itself :)) I’ve had to expand my attention span and my ability to absorb information by a lot. And duh, I’m beginning to understand current events. Everyone I work with is extremely intelligent and just listening to how people talk in the newsroom sometimes – it’s pushing me towards appreciating news beyond the facts.

Here are some of the videos I’ve been part of producing in my four weeks so far 🙂 Click the pictures to watch!


Of course this is when my co-AP decides to go on a vacation to Bacolod :)) All in all, it was an excellent learning experience though. I’m very proud to have been part of this debate, the first to be held in an open space in these elections.


Extremely exciting talk, especially because I’m into startups 🙂 My favorite quote from the interview was from Bowei Gai, “You can’t replicate Silicon Valley… You have to do your own thing. You don’t have to be Silicon Valley to be great.” A must-read for enterpreneurs.


Google+ Hangout with Arland Macasieb, one of the Filipinos who ran this year’s Boston Marathon.


Behind the scenes of a roundtable discussion with Mohagher Iqbal, peace panel chair of the MILF, on peace. I’m slightly deaf so I couldn’t really understand much when it was going on. But transcribing it and listening to it in slow motion, you realize the man is eloquent.


Was quite happy with myself this day because it was my first time to suggest a guest and luckily, she was free 🙂 And more than that, extremely enlightening.


I’m a little shy to be giddy since everyone seems to be used to it but, live videos are a different kind of thrill. And along with all the urgency and the immediacy, there comes a very specific type of fulfilment, one that I’m only now getting acquainted with.

I’d love to do behind-the-scenes or how-we-did-it posts. Let’s see if I last long enough to do that! 😀


  1. monica

    I’ve always loved reading stories on Rappler! Your organization, incidentally, is also a partner on one of the programs of the NGO I’ve been associated with for the longest time – INCITEGov. It’s just sooo cool that we are working together, not as reps of Rappler nor INCITEGov (which we could also be well doing), but on a different project and a personal advocacy. So excited!

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