Yoga For Life
Yoga For Life

Yoga For Life

I’ve started practicing yoga again recently at Beyond Yoga thanks to this coupon I managed to get for 12 days straight of classes. I’m glad for the 12-days-straight condition cause it obligates me to keep on keeping at it.

And also cause it landed me in a yoga class on a Sunday at 8am with Yoga for Life 🙂

On the schedule it said “Community Class” and for a brief crazy moment I thought it would be students talking to other students about what they’ve learned so far. Haha! Contrary to my assumptions it was a regular yoga class, but with a cause.


Picture of their Yin Yoga Workshop: “Healing the Body through Love & Compassion,” from their Facebook.


Yoga for Life is a community-based NGO that uses yoga to help people affected by HIV and AIDS. It’s a first. Their classes are especially “designed for the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS.” We did poses borrowed from different kinds of yoga (vinyasa, yin, etc.) and from what I gathered, these are things specifically chosen and directed towards easing the fear and the stress that living with HIV and AIDS come with.


Picture from their album “Yoga For Life 108 Surya Namaskar 2012 Year End Practice” on Facebook.


The classes are open to everyone else as well because they’ve included spreading awareness of HIV and AIDS to their mission 🙂 They’ve even gone as far as partnering up with Polecats Manila for Pole for Love.




I’m looking forward to doing more yoga and practicing with Yoga for Life 🙂 I’m not exactly equipped to explain how yoga works with physiology and all that but I can say, after just four days of getting back into it, that I’ve already seen two great things that can come of the practice: deeper sleep and more energy.

If you want to try yoga, it’s a good place to start. Their April schedule is below. They accept donations after classes and any amount is welcome 🙂




I’ll leave you with this video I found on  YouTube about a cancer survivor and how yoga helped her through the sickness.

She says,

I can’t explain it intellectually but it was like a light coming through and entering my… heart, my mind. And feeling cleansed and purified.

I really credit yoga and meditation for why I’m alive today.



 Also leaving you with this popular saying among yogis that I love 🙂

From NPP Greeting Cards.

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