3 Places to Volunteer Today #1: Books for a Cause, Virlanie Foundation, Gawad Kalinga

This year, as part of my Big 25, I told myself that I would volunteer in 5 places before my 25th birthday. It’s already February and sadly, I can’t say I’ve volunteered anywhere :O This has been my first free weekend in a while and if I had good foresight, I would’ve used it to help out. To make up for my lack of planning ahead, I am going to use this Saturday to blog about 3 places to volunteer that may not be so heard of – and hopefully it continues on to become a series 🙂

So here goes, 3 Places to Volunteer Today (The 1st Edition):

  1. Books For A Cause Philippines – Books For A Cause is an advocacy group that wants to bring knowledge and literacy to the kids who need it most. Through continuously showing kids the importance of education and providing them what learning tools they can, Books For A Cause wants to  “inculcate in their minds that POVERTY is not a hindrance to a better future but a CHALLENGE, and that WHAT THEY THINK IS WHAT THEY BECOME!” Their first big project was the Baloy Community Library, opened last January 19, 2012, stocked with donated books from all around. You can donate those extra books, volunteer, or even hold your own fundraiser in your own community. You can check them out on Facebook too 🙂

    picture from their site

  2. Virlanie Foundation – Virlanie Foundation’s advocacy is focused on children who haven’t had the chance to have much of a childhood. They care for the “abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned poor.” One of the largest private, non-sectarian child-caring institutions in Manila, they have several outreach programs and support programs. Among some of the programs are Sibuhi (where kids are provided a safe environment to express their emotions and experiences) and Balik Probinsiya (where families are encouraged and assisted to relocate from Manila to the provinces). You can join them and you can also donate.

    picture from their site

  3. GK Bayani Challenge 2013 – For the adventurous, the GK Bayani Challenge is a 5-day event from March 23-27 where thousands of volunteers are gathered and deployed to 34 different provinces – volunteers are assembled into groups of 15 people and are tasked to perform different duties such as cleaning up, building houses, etc. It’s not too late! Register in the link above 🙂

I hope those references helped 🙂 Just checking them out and telling your friends about them is already a big help.

And I truly, truly hope to get to volunteer in one of these places soon.

To see more places you can volunteer at, click here.  ❤

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