The EXECUTION: Mountain Therapy/Happy Heights
The EXECUTION: Mountain Therapy/Happy Heights

The EXECUTION: Mountain Therapy/Happy Heights

Remember my outreach idea to give public school children a free day-hike? Well, it’s now in the works! And I’m officially calling it Happy Heights.

Thanks to the help of Deeji Wahine of Ateneo’s OSCI, I was able to send a proposal to the Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School and they just approved it 🙂

I am incredibly grateful and excited.

Just building the proposal, I’ve already learned a lot. For example, I had to ask specifically to bring the school’s softball team on the day hike because as it stands, they’re the least malnourished kids and the most likely to have the needed stamina – a sad fact I had to deal with. I also had to learn to curb my enthusiasm somewhat, because approvals don’t move as fast as we all wish they would.

The next steps for me are:

  •  meeting with the softball moderator to iron out the details
  •  arranging the parents’ orientation
  •  meeting the kids!
  •  getting people on board for the leadership and environmental modules that’ll come with the hike
  •  planning and carrying out logistics
  •  creating collaterals and promoting the event

It’s a lot of work but I didn’t really expect it to be too easy. The biggest challenge I see so far is crowdfunding. Moneys!

If you wanna help in any way, or are curious about the project, just get in touch with me! I’d be glad to meet people who have the same interests and ideas in mind 🙂


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