Human Nature’s Humanity Fair 2013
Human Nature’s Humanity Fair 2013

Human Nature’s Humanity Fair 2013

Okay, here’s something I’m super super excited for. It’s still 5 days away but already I’m wishing the work week would pass by and make it Saturday.

What’s on Saturday? Human Nature’s Humanity Fair 2013! Woot!


Themed Hearts of Passion, the fair is going to be a one-day event at the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan.

Mainly, it’s set to celebrate Filipino creativity and entrepreneurship 🙂 In a day, you’ll get to shop from local social enterprises and hear the stories behind a few of them. There are gonna be games too, if you’re into it.  For me, it’s also a chance to finally revisit the GK Enchanted Farm – a place that’s been calling me back ever since I first went.

Registration is free and they’re ready to provide round-trip transportation too. For all the details, visit Human Nature’s Facebook page.

If you’re wondering what brands to expect there, here’s a run-down:

Agricool ♥ Bayani Brew ♥ Clean Ice Cream ♥ DAR ♥ Diwa ♥ Elarz Pambansang Lechon ♥ Golden Eggs ♥ Gourmet Keso ♥ Grassroots Kitchen ♥ Habi Footwear ♥ Hamlet ♥Jacinto & Lirio ♥ Kape Maria♥ Lumago Designs ♥ Massage ♥ Mori Notes ♥ Plush And Play ♥ Karpentoys ♥ Rattan Man ♥ Red Carpet ♥ Salabatea ♥ Siklo ♥ Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates ♥ Timbre Headphones ♥ TinTan’s Pastries ♥ Works of Heart ♥ Cafe de Sug ♥ Domesticity ♥ Filbamboo ♥ Mano Amiga ♥ Risque by Tal ♥ Life Project 4 Youth ♥ Vesti & many more!

So, see you there? If you’re not doing anything this coming Saturday, it would be a good way to spend a day 🙂

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