The Art of the Start
The Art of the Start

The Art of the Start

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jen Horn of Muni PH.

I have to say, there’s a little out-of-body type sensation when you meet someone who has a lot of the same thoughts and ideas with you 🙂 The whole advocacy behind Muni PH is to build a  “community of Filipino cultural creatives sharing ideas, stories, tips, and events on mindful living for the self, community and the planet.”

If you’re wondering what a cultural creative is exactly, it’s probably you. By Muni  PH’s definition, cultural creatives “are individuals who value unconventional ideas, action, authenticity, community and positive change.” So yes, there are definitely many of us and it’s time we all got together. How else will we change the world? 🙂 The site is still in its baby stage but I have no doubt that it’s going to be a good growth year.

Jen and I talked about how we could possibly work together (possibilities I am very, very much excited about) and eventually, I got around to raving about Guy Kawasaki’s talk on start-ups and entrepreneurship, The Art of the Start.

As you build the foundations of you’re business, this is something you’re going to want to watch. It’ll help you work from a place of productivity, inspiration, and energy.


Here are some of the things that stuck with me:

  • Make meaning.
  • Work because you  want to improve the quality of life, because you want to right a wrong, and because you want to prevent the end of something good.
  • Make a mantra.
  • Don’t be afraid to polarize people.
  • Ask women about your business model, cause men will always want to kill the competition.
  • Niche yourself.
  • Ignore the irrelevant.
  • Hire people who are better than you.
  • Don’t ask people to do something you wouldn’t.
  • Don’t let the bozos get to you.
Anyway, again, go watch it 🙂 Seriously, even if entrepreneurship isn’t an interest to you, you’re going to love at least one thing he says. At the very least, you’ll love his George Bush joke. Haha!

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