Beanstalk Beta
Beanstalk Beta

Beanstalk Beta

When I started the list of social enterprises and start-ups on my blog, I was trying to answer my need for a directory of sorts – kind of like, classified ads. Apparently, I wasn’t the only taking the initiative 🙂

Last week I met up with Adriann Caldozo of Beanstalk. One of the first of its kind, Beanstalk is an online marketplace for local social enterprises. Much needed and very cool, right?


Started just last year by a group of Ateneans as a project for school, Beanstalk now caters to 7 brands: Leyende, Karaw Artventures, Habi, EchoStore, Artwine, Denim Dimensione, and Konseptong Pinoy 🙂

The simple idea: they wanted to provide a space for social enterprises, that would be both a means for them to spread their products out to the world and a community.

They’re out to serve the people who are trying to make a living out of helping.

Vision: Beanstalk is a companion of Social Enterprises in reaching their full potential leading to a sustainable livelihood for the poor and the marginalized.

Mission: Beanstalk is an online marketplace where the socially responsible consumer and social enterprises can interact.

The people of Beanstalk are young – in this case, that’s more of a positive than a negative. They’re driven, they’re passionate, and they’re looking for you.

Yup, Beanstalk is looking for partners! If you want to be one of their social enterprise partners, contact them at, or at 0920-676-3839.

It’s a good opportunity, I should think 🙂 The site is in its infancy and there’s much to be worked on, but the seed of the beanstalk is there, so to speak. (Corny, but I couldn’t help myself. Haha.)

Can’t wait to write about the brands they carry!

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