The IDEA: Mountain Therapy
The IDEA: Mountain Therapy

The IDEA: Mountain Therapy


One of the best things in life is sitting on the summit of a mountain, the ascent behind you and the trip down waiting to happen. Hands down. I’m not sure if everyone will agree but it’s something I’d definitely stand by. No matter how muddy it is, or how challenging, no matter how many bugs you have to deal with and how many bags you have to carry: you’re climbing that mountain for a reason. People climb because it’s a kind of catharsis. Therapy, if you wanna call it that 🙂

The thought came to me the other day, and right after it, an idea.

THE IDEA: A day-hike to a relatively easy mountain, meant for public school kids or special children – as an excursion, and a kind of therapy for them. People could sponsor a kid (for the kid to be able to climb for free), and ideally they’d come along to spend time with the kids too 🙂

As soon as I got the idea, I got to work right away and now, I have a few resources at hand. People already on board: Guido of Trail Adventours, Christian from the board of the Special Olympics, and a few mountaineering friends. My timeline is for this to happen in late February, or early March.

There’s still a long way to go and I still have a lot of questions in mind to solve, but I’m waaaaay excited. Personal project #2 is underway (this blog being the first one).

If Point A is the idea and Point B is the reality, the journey from Point A to Point B is one of the hardest to make. Which makes it worth it 🙂

Message me in case you wanna get on board too!


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