2013: Time for the big 25
2013: Time for the big 25

2013: Time for the big 25

Tomorrow is the first day of 2013, the year that I turn 25 years old. 2 decades and 5 years, or, a quarter of a century… I know right – WTF???????

Believe me when I say that I don’t feel 25 at all. In my head, I’m still one of those 21 year-olds who don’t know anything about the world, just in it for the ride. Regardless of how I feel though, time is merciless and it’s coming to get me. And since I don’t want to spend the year dreading my birthday, I have devised an Anti-Anxiety Attack Plan.

It’s really simple. And serious.

  • 5 mountains.
  • 5 dives.
  • 5 new things to learn.
  • 5 personal projects.
  • 5 volunteering gigs.

All before November 12, 2013 – my birthday. I’ve already got things in mind, but the whole point of this exercise is to discover new avenues of adventure and creativity, and gain experiences worth writing about.

Just to put it out there though — I wanna learn how to cook. I wanna surf! I wanna learn how to shoot better, and to start online editing. I want to see Mt. Kinabalu! I want to take up a Masters in Anthropology. And I want to keep up this blog.

I know this is gonna be a good year. Cause it’s either that, or I’m just full of shit 🙂

Let’s do it, 2013!

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