Hello and welcome.

Aloha and mahalo for being here.

I’m Dindin Reyes, a yogi and a bhakta.

I seek to serve as a yoga instructor, a writer, and a fellow human being who’s going through the same joys and challenges of growth we all share.

Let’s trade stories about our journey, the bhakti, path of devotion, and being of service.

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Dindin is a very credible coach. She is also a very compassionate and skilled listener who guides you to ask yourself insightful, active questions. If you are looking to recalibrate yourself or just need an extra push for better performance in your work, Dindin is the person to seek out.

Dart Tiglao, Coaching Client

You are quite memorable to me because you were the first person to teach me yoga on the mat on a studio (on a rainy morning)… The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and I was, for much of our time together, at ease. Dindin, thank you for teaching yoga and helping first timers like me transition to this healing art.

Vincent Imbat, Yoga Student