Life lately: Perseverance as success

You know life has been rough lately when you’re resuscitate your website just to speak out your experience. You also know that things are going to get better when you actually have time to sit down and just write it all out.

If I had to choose some words to describe what life has been like lately, off the top of my head:

  • challenging
  • endless questions
  • getting thicker skin, getting stronger
  • days that you just have to get through
  • doing things I didn’t think I could do
  • limited time
  • expanding in my service to the community
  • persevering
  • loving
  • growing
  • ho’omau

Ho’omau in Hawaiian means to persevere. To take the definition from here, “It’s the ability to continue forward in righteousness no matter what obstacles lay before you to make the good in your life last.”

I know I’m in a good enough place now because I am ready and willing to share but yes, life has been all about ho’omau. Sometimes, in seasons of rough seas and strong winds, success looks more like perseverance – and less like getting it all right. And I’m glad and grateful for this season where I am succeeding through resilience. I’m excited to unpack what I’ve been experiencing – especially for those out there who may have been living it too.

For now though, I’d like to share some practices that have helped me to ho’omau and persevere – because sometimes you really do need people to tell you what to do to get out of that rut. Thankfully they have been perfectly expressed by this wonderful read from The Art of Living Retreat Center. Read on.

Seven Steps to Success – by May Mcarthy on the Art of Living Retreat Center blog

“Read something that inspires you
Spend five minutes reading something uplifting to put you in a receptive mood. As you read about the successes of others, your mind will look for ways to make those kinds of successes familiar and normal for you. Suggested books to read are listed in the back of my book, The Path to Wealth.

Write down what you are grateful for
Spend up to 10 minutes writing a gratitude letter. Be grateful for the good things already in your life, as well as the things that you hope to have soon. Psychologists agree that gratitude and happiness help you to be more focused and able to solve problems.

Express gratitude for what you have like health, family, and great employment. Also express gratitude for what you want as though you already have received it; harmonious relationships with family, friends, customers and co-workers and increased sales at work. The subconscious will then be directed to search for ways to help make these goals a reality.

Read what you are grateful for out loud
Spend up to five minutes reading your letter out loud with emotion. Studies have shown that when we read something out loud, we anchor it into our subconscious, which will help us to notice more possibilities to make our statements true. Remember the last time that you were planning to buy a new car? Didn’t you start to see that car on the road everywhere just before you purchased it? Your subconscious was helping you to notice possibilities to make that car yours.

Visualize reaching your goals
Spend up to five minutes with your eyes closed imagining what it will be like to have your goals realized. What will you be experiencing, and how will you feel? Who will be celebrating with you? As you see yourself in your realized goal, you’ll anchor the belief that it can be yours.”

I’ll admit that visualizing reaching my goals has been a challenge lately but thankfully, these steps do go together. Feeling gratitude is helping me get to the place where I can begin to rise up and out of my struggles, and into my vision. I hope these steps shared are helpful to you. Taking that first step really is all it takes. Be here now, take the step that is needed. Read all the seven steps so wonderfully shared by May on The Art of Living Retreat Center’s blog.

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I’m excited to share my journey and through sharing, heal and grow.  Filling my part of the internet with seeds of growth and hope for those of you out there who need it.



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